A Fresh Look at God



If you were asked what you truly think of God….not what you are suppose to believe….not what others tell you to believe….not even what’s in your head but what’s in your heart, would you confess that your thoughts are not    always of the highest toward Him? ….. He knows, and…..He understands.  Though it breaks His heart to think we would accuse Him of child neglect,  He knows we lack knowledge and understanding and only growth in our relationship will teach us the depth of His attentiveness.


We have, from time to time, branded Him as silent, unmovable, unreachable, untouchable and even boring.  When in fact it is us who is deaf to His leading, blind to His many blessings and calloused to His touch. ……And it is only the box we put Him in that is boring!!!


God, on the other hand, is exciting, fresh each day, unpredictable, full of surprises.  He is the God who parts seas, kills giants, paints the rainbow and works daily in the incredible.  He enjoys our blessings and our victories more than we.   He delights in His creation…..His children.


Allow the Lord to become fresh in your life today!!!   Allow yourself to expect more from Him than you ever have before!!!  Allow Him to reveal His personality to you!!!   He truly is far more than we imagine.




The church ladies with typewriters bulletin series….

(Actual bulletin entries)

“The Low Self Esteem Support Group will meet Thurs. at 7pm at the church.  Please use the back door.”


See you Sunday,

Rusty and Debbie

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