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In 2009, we declared WAR on the devil. Since that time, we have seen men and women of God from around the world come together in Worship And Rejoicing, Weeping And Repenting. Now, we are entering a bold new phase of WAR REVIVAL… the harvest. From Man2Man, to all out revival, the Spirit of God is about to be poured out and you are in the right place at the right time.

“For the seeds you have sown overseas, you will reap a harvest in the United States.” – God
Join us as we work in the fields. Greater is coming, and the rewards are out of this world.

Man2Man is a men’s ministry with chapters across the state…



And the most recent addition to our ministry family is MERCY ONE – POWER LINE.

Mercy One is a prayer line, power line for first responders,  led by Roy and Darlene Roberts, and has now become a Chaplain’s ministry with certification through the Global Chaplain’s Coalition (GCC), a division of RIO Missions in Maryville, TN.


Mercy One Poster

Lights On!

Billy and Dana Arnett

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