A Morning with Sister Alice Trent


“A Morning  With Sister Alice Trent”  was a great day!!!!  Weather was great, food was great, Sister Trent did a fabulous job and ,as Myrtle Shoupe would say, “a good time was had by all.”

Be Encouraged….

As I sat there Sunday and listened to Sister Trent tell of days gone by,  I was moved by the wealth being shared with us.  Days of struggle, sacrifice, dedication,….. learning to trust God….learning to yield all to His will.  As she spoke about revival and great moves of God,  there was a twinkle in her eye…actually, more of a sparkle…. clearly linked to a fire that still burns within her.  I’m not sure it was visible to the crowd but was clearly present on one or two occasions.  I could tell that she left us for a moment and traveled back to those days when God was so richly present.

When I saw that sparkle, I somehow felt a surge in my faith in God.  I did not expect it at all…. it completely surprised me.  I have thought about it several times since then and have tried to unravel the deeper meaning.  I think it has much to do with the lives of the faithful.  Hebrews 11 speaks of those who remained faithful to the end though they did not always see the reward of their faith.  In chapter 12, the bible tells us that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses….even today it is so.  Witnesses that have lived faithful before our eyes day after day and year after year.  They give us renewed confidence that God is faithful and ever attentive to His children.
……And then I read verse 2 of Heb. 12,” fixing our eyes on Jesus” (International Version)

….and I realized that her eyes were fixed on Him.

………and it was simply a reflection  that I saw.

The ever faithful always have their eyes fixed on Him.

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