Virgil Grubb

Virgil Grubb

Unconditional Love: What does it mean? To lay down one’s life for a complete stranger just as Jesus did for ALL mankind.

I was sitting at a local restaurant eating, and I noticed a young couple. They looked as though they were probably in their twenties. They had with them a little girl that was probably from 8 to 11 years old. The little girl was seriously handicapped and was in a very unique and modified wheelchair. The woman was spoon feeding the little girl, pinching off every bite that she ate, and wiping her little mouth with a napkin after every bite. Thank You, Lord.

The young couple would look at each other with a big smile on their faces and look at the little girl with even a bigger smile. I knew in my heart it was their daughter. Oh, the Love— those smiles brought tears to my eyes. I bowed my head and thanked God for the love I saw in this young couple. Thank You, Lord.

I’ve often wondered: what is God’s plan for me? What is my purpose in life? I want my first love to be God, to serve and worship Him with all my heart, to obey the Ten Commandments, to show Satan that I am God’s child, and that Satan “Can’t Touch This”.  I want to always lend a helping hand to those in need. Thank you, Lord, for my family.

God sent Georgia, my wife, and me on an unforeseen journey. We were sent to Liberty Hills were we
attended church services in a barn. God also sent us Brother Rusty Roberts and his wife, Debbie, to make sure His flock did not scatter. Thank You, Lord.

We were really blessed in the barn, but mosquito bites, wasps, and cold weather moved us out of the barn on another journey to the feed store. Thank You, Lord.  Wow!! We thought we were just like George Jefferson, “Just Moving On Up”.  We were blessed with such a good presence of God and the supplying of all our needs: spiritual growth, financial, deliverance, healing, etc. but most of all, salvation. I saw many miracles happen right before my very own eyes. Thank You, Lord.

God didn’t just stop there. He had more plans for us. God wants His children to prosper and be provided for all their needs. God blessed us with a new church through His guidance, Brother Dill Finley named our church “Liberty Worship and Outreach”.  We have the liberty to worship God freely. We have been blessed abundantly with many ministries: evangelism, bus ministry, healing, feeding our community on the fourth Saturday of every month, and many more. Thank You, Lord.

I’ve noticed a very big smile on the faces of my Christian brothers and sisters , that same very big smile that I witnessed on the young couple’s faces in that local restaurant. Thank You, Lord, for saving my soul and filling me with your Holy Spirit. Thank You, Lord, for our  church, Liberty Worship and Outreach, our community, our neighbors, our nation, and  for our military men and women and the veterans who have sacrificed so much to protect our rights.

We are truly blessed to live in such a good nation. We thank you, Lord, for our Sunday school teachers and our Bible Study on Wednesday nights. We thank you, Lord, for your Word and for sending your only begotten Son to die on Calvary to take on the sins of ALL mankind.  God Bless.